An evil has overcome Etheen.

The ancient wizard Cultheer and his family have ruled Etheen for centuries, protecting the most sought-after and powerful magical resource in the wizarding universe - Ether. Ether is only found on Etheen, and the wickedness that has taken Etheen threatens to use Ether to destroy the entire galaxy.

In an act of desperation, Cultheer has sent his son Ryno to the world of Ronaine, hoping he can find help from the wizards of their world. The only problem is, Etheen has been hidden from the wizarding galaxy since it was discovered, and no one knows where it is located - not even Ryno.


Read Wizards of Etheen in three formats: full story, chapter summaries, or an illustrated story (coming soon).

The Wizards of Etheen story helps build the foundation for the project, bringing our community together to learn why saving Etheen is so important.

Learn about the Cultheer Family - the founder and leaders of Etheen, and how their leadership will be critical to the future of Etheen.

Get familiar with the six regions of Etheen via the Map of Etheen.

Stay tuned to learn more secrets, history, and stories from Etheen.

The development teams' wizards (not in official collection)

Mintable 1/1's in the 'Wizards of Etheen' Collection

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Our journey is just beginning. Etheen is a magical world - full of secrets and surprises. Its wizards have lived there for generations, but there is always more to learn and explore. An entire world awaits our arrival... come be a part of what's in store.